I had the implant after practically giving up on myself and my inability to stop drinking. My health was affected, my business and my family life. I had to make a bigger decision while even attending AA and private therapy. There has been alcoholism in my family for years. Now I am worry free – no stress when I pass a liquor store or I go out for an evening and my friends drink.I don’t miss drinking and my family feels safe and happier than ever. My wife no longer worries about me drinking. I have no affects from the implant other than feeling safe and secure for the first time in my adult life. – Dr. Tim S. (May 2018)



I’ve got my Esperal 2 weeks ago. I don’t know what to say… I’m shocked. First time in the last 10 years I’m sober for a month – 2 weeks before the procedure and 2 weeks after. No urges, no thoughts and not intention to take a drink. Amazing. I’m so happy. Thank you, Doctor Victor. – Michael (April 2017)


Thank you, Dr. Tsan. I had my implantation procedure in November 2015. Never had a sip of alcohol since that time. It’s much better to be sober. Now I understand it. – Peter (July 2017)


I was addicted to everything: Alcohol, cocaine, heroin… You name it. But my main problem was alcohol. I’ve been drunk for weeks. Doctor Victor proposed esperal implant as the most comprehensive treatment for alcohol addiction and it changed me. – Jason (May 2015)


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