The Esperal Implant for Alcoholism

The Esperal Implant is the newest, most popular, and most successful solution for alcoholism.

Many clinical trials proved its success, because it creates a routine for the patient in which alcohol causes severe “discomfort” and side effects, preventing alcohol from being abused in the future.


Alcohol abuse causes both physical and psychical damages that interfere with the healthy development of daily tasks. There are numerous medications and treatments available for alcoholism, but the most efficient solution is The Esperal Implant Therapy, now offered at Alternative Health Alliance in Clinton, Connecticut.

Alcohol Abuse Treatment

How Does Esperal Treatment Work?

Esperal’s main ingredient, Disulfiram, is known for its ability to initiate Disulfiram-Ethanol Reaction (DER) in the body, only when alcohol is ingested. DER happens because certain enzymes are blocked and cause a chain event of unpleasant symptoms. This is not a regular discomfort, as it impacts in a cruel way on the body.

Disulfiram is available in the form of oral pills, yet patients can easily decide to stop taking the drug and continue their downward spiral into the negative consequences of addictive drinking. Case studies indicate that there is a high occurrence of relapse with the pill form of Disulfiram, ultimately because it is an easy choice not to take the medication. Hence, becomes the necessity to infuse the Disulfiram device directly into the muscles.

The Esperal Implant Therapy treatment also includes acupuncture and hypnotherapy, during which a complete body detox (NADA) and addiction reset techniques are performed. Addiction reset method is a hypno-therapeutic procedure during which the bio-electrical activity of the addiction center patient’s brain is reset, forcing an individual to be indifferent to alcohol.

Esperal Implantation Therapy – A Three Phase Treatment Procedure:

1. AcupunctureComplete body detox.

2. HypnotherapyAddiction reset method to become indifferent to alcohol.

3. Microchip ImplantationQuick and painless. The Certified practitioner uses a sterile applicator to inject a microchip that contains a small reservoir of Disulfiram, either in the brachial or gluteus muscles. The process takes only a few seconds, similar to a vaccination.

In order to get Esperal embedded, a patient must have a zero BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration level). You will be tested before the implant!!!

The implant assures both the practitioner and the patient that the medication will stay in place, unlike pill form. The patient becomes and should remain determined to quit drinking alcohol by regularly experiencing “unpleasant” outcomes when, and if, alcohol is consumed.

Esperal is a microchip that contains a small reservoir of the dry, highly concentrated powder, Disulfiram.

This microchip has a serial number and must be registered in the universal database to be activated.

When the alcohol level goes above permitted limits, the microchip opens the dosator in the Disulfiram container and infuses into the bloodstream a single crystal of Disulfiram that causes “unpleasant sensations.”

The allowed limit of alcohol assumes all medical and prescription pharmaceutical drugs; one bottle of non-alcoholic beer every 8 hours. Foods that contain small amounts of cooking wine are permissible.


Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Symptoms of Esperal Effect

The experience of Esperal’s effect is so vivid and intense that 99% of our patients feel comfortable without alcohol. This subcutaneous method of implanting Esperal was first approached back in 1968. Studies proved that this method is more successful and gives the patient more chances of recovery. The mind is encouraged to establish a connection between alcohol and the severe symptoms experienced after drinking it. Hence, after some time, the patient will acknowledge the fact that Esperal is not a beneficial experience for the body.

Esperal creates over-sensitivity to alcohol that is related to a series of unbearable symptoms. The unpleasant symptoms may include: vomiting, headaches, vertigo, short of breath, palpitation, etc. and will be discussed in full with your practitioner. Moreover, patients during those episodes remain 100% conscious and able to experience and analyze all the symptoms. These symptoms develop rapidly in no more than 40-60 seconds after drinking. That means that the individual still “sober” and understands everything.

In addition to The Esperal Treatment, we highly encourage SOCIAL REINFORCEMENT THERAPY, such as AA, and to work with whatever support mechanisms necessary to promote a healthy lifestyle.



The person in this film is Dr. Tsan’s patient who has undergone treatment for alcohol addiction, including implantation of Esperal. After 19 months of being clear-headed and having no urges for alcohol consumption, he decided to perform an experiment to test how the microchip works. The patient provided his approval to share this footage.

History of Implant Therapy for Alcoholism

The first Implant Therapy for Alcoholism was developed and successfully used in Russia under the name TORPEDO, Russian for “submarine.” It contained a reservoir with liquid Antabuse – the drug that initiates symptoms similar to Disulfiram. However, Antabuse had a lot of side effects and at some point, it was banned and substituted by the Latvian implant ENCODE that contained liquid Disulfiram and guaranteed a permanent concentration of Disulfiram in a bloodstream. When alcohol reached some predetermined level, the reaction starts. Since Disulfiram also has some adverse effects on the human body, permanent presence of this chemical in a bloodstream was criticized and not recommended by physicians and pharmacologists.

Now, The Esperal Implant MICROCHIP contains the dry powder of Disulfiram, which has no contact with the body and organs unless its microchip registers an increase of alcohol in the bloodstream, above and beyond the body’s own normal capacity to produce minute concentrations of alcohol. The microchip releases a very small dose of the active element, Disulfiram.

This implant is #1 on the market and recommended for use for Addiction Treatment.

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